Clean mold and mildew from wicker furniture

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Written by Wicker Paradise

If you keep your wicker furniture sets in a moist or humid environment, there is a high possibility mildew or mold can develop over time. Normally, this won’t matter, but mold can cause spotting and an unpleasant odor. Fortunately, with a little bit of work, the furniture will be salvageable. Even better is that it is a fairly straightforward process that requires only household cleaning products. Once you complete the cleaning of your wicker or rattan furniture, try to store them in a dry location during times of rain or high humidity. Here is a step-by-step cleaning guide:

Use a feather duster and brush the furniture to remove any debris. Then, use a vacuum to remove any dust from the surface as well as the little crevices.

Mix a solution of bleach and water (half/half) and set the furniture out on a dry day.

Wear rubber gloves for the cleaning phase. Dip a brush in the solution and scrub the furniture gently. Dip the brush in the solution regularly. If there is any irritation from either the mold or the solution, wear goggles.

Rinse the solution off with a sponge and normal water and towel dry the furniture. Finally, set the furniture out in the sun for a few days until it dries completely.


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