3 Common garage door repair and maintenance problems


Garage doors have hundreds of moving parts and after years of use, most garage doors have repair and maintenance problems. Good repair companies will understand that some repairs require quick response, for example when a car is trapped inside the garage and the door refuses to open or if you have reversed into the door without opening it. Most local licensed garage door repair Lawrenceville GA, provide services that are quick and efficient. Here are 3 common garage door repair and maintenance problems.

Garage door opener repair – Sometimes you may have an issue with your remote or your wall switch control. Other more serious issues can be when you hear a grinding noise coming from your opener itself. Most garage door services Atlanta GA, provide same day checks and repairs for repairs such as these.

Garage door spring replacement – Garage doors may not open properly if the door’s spring breaks or snaps. This could be the cause of wear and tear or extreme heat/ cold or changing weather temperatures over a short period of time. Replacing your spring can be a very short process and therefore can be repaired in a day.

Track and lift cable problems – For track and lift cable problems, it is best to contact a qualified repair professional. These problems can occur if the track is bent, rusted or there are problems with the lift cables. This sort of repair may require your repair professional to visit the site at least on 2 consecutive days.