3 Principles of Interior Design

Three important ingredients govern a well-decorated interior and it should be more than obvious that it’s important spend a bit of time thinking about your family and how you live before making any kind of changes.

There are a number of sources from which you can obtain inspiration from be it the internet or even magazines.

But no matter how you go about the process of interior decoration, these three principles will hold water:

#1: Function

Decorating a room means much more than looks but how you get the room to work for you. There are four aspects to consider namely the focal point, lighting, furniture and how it is arranged. Except for the focal point, the rest have more to do with the function of the room than just its visual appeal.

#2: Mood

The mood and feeling of your home is governed by the choice of colors, style of furnishings, the pattern and texture as well as the accessories chosen. As for going back about selecting a mood for the room, certain factors such as the inspiration piece, theme, color cues, patterns and texture and most of all, the furniture all contribute equally. Just make sure you pick an inspiration piece carefully.

#3: Personality

With both function and mood out of the way, adding your own personal stamp to the room in question is the final step. You can use accessories, add a few elements that suggest whimsy as well as a few unexpected ones to give your room that quirky but unique touch.