4 Things you should know about teak furniture

Teak is a popular wood used by many furniture suppliers and buyers alike. Although teak furniture is more expensive, buyers prefer investing in teak furniture due to its durability. Here is why teak is one of the most popular woods for furniture.

Strength – Since teak is a hard wood it can withstand the heat and the cold better than other wood varieties available in the market. Because teak is durable, treated teak is suitable for outdoor and patio use. Good quality teak will have high quantities of oil and rubber, which makes beautiful pieces of furniture that will last a life time.

Beauty – Teak’s color and grain, makes this wood a good choice for furniture as the wood enhances the look of the furniture. Teak used for outdoor purposes will change color to a silver gray shade, while indoor pieces are golden and are oiled to maintain its color.

Adaptability – Since teak is strong, water and termite resistant, teak is considered a very adaptable wood.

Color – Teak has a natural rich golden color that can match most fabrics and furniture designs.

However, when choosing teak furniture, make sure you visit a reputed furniture maker or store to ensure you receive teak wood of good quality. Once you select your furniture, ask the store if they are able to stain the wood to match your color scheme, furnishing and theme.