5 Chic decorating ideas for the indecisive

Making a definite decision on how you want to style your home can be difficult for someone who is indecisive. Here are some solutions that will suit the most indecisive home interior decorator.

Floating shelves – Floating shelves so versatile in their purpose and the items they can hold. You could opt for shelves in white or wood and place anything from photo frames, books or ornaments on your shelves.

Corkboards – Corkboards are an indecisive persons dream since they can be used for almost anything from pinning artwork, inspirational messages, and sweet notes.

Chalkboards – Chalkboards are still going strong. Put up an inspiring message, a friendly note or just let your kids draw up something special. Buy some colorful chalk paint for added fun.

Clipboards – Clipboards are easy to switch, just simply clip something new. You can use them to clip your photos, quotes, and paintings or use them to hang your jewelry.

Picture leaning – Leaning your pictures against a wall makes installation a breeze. It can also help you decide on a place you may want to hang your pictures. For this purpose, you will have to ensure your artwork is large and can sit as a stand-alone piece. For smaller pictures, have them lean in a pair or a grouping.

These ideas can help the indecisive person in you, to decorate without fear, because you know that you can easily change your décor as and when you choose.