5 Tips for moving furniture

Couple carrying armchair up stairs

If your relocating or rearranging, you will have to move heavy furniture without causing damage to your furniture or injury to yourself. Here are some simple tips that will help you move heavy furniture with ease.

Carry tall items high and low – If you are looking at moving a tall dresser, look at emptying the items or tipping them to the back. Then get one person to carry the top, while the other carries the bottom. This method will make it easier to transport such items up or down stairs as well.

‘Hook’ chairs around corners – Hooking the chairs around corners will make it easier to move large chairs. Start off by placing the chair on its side where it looks like an “L,” then move it back first into the hallway. Then curl it around a door frame and then slip it through with ease.

Stand couches on end – Carrying a couch through a hallway horizontally can be almost impossible. To make moving your couch easier through a doorway, place your couch on its side and then hook it through the door frame.

Shoulder dolly – A shoulder dolly can be purchased online and can take the weight off your back and large muscle groups. However, be careful when using these straps downstairs as the weight shifts making it difficult to maneuver your furniture.

Lifting straps – Look at investing in lifting straps that can be adjusted to different objects.