5 ways to organize your laundry

teakfurnituredepotCreating an organized laundry space can really make the task of doing your laundry a whole lot easier. Here are 5 ways to organize your laundry space;

Work within your space- It is best to work with the space you have, by making the most of every inch. If you are working in a small space, you could build shelving above your washer and dryer to store baskets and laundry detergents. For larger spaces (for example, a laundry in your basement), you could incorporate better lighting to brighten your space. You could also include an ironing station with an ironing board, hangers and your ironing products. Including a hanging rod to hang clothes that are not yet dry or are just ironed, is useful addition.

Hide your supplies – Hide your laundry detergents, cleaning supplies and other products that may make your space look messy. Closed cupboards or drawers are best for this.

Your color palette – A calming color scheme works best for a laundry room. Think of shades of light moss green and pale blue.

Storage island- A storage island with baskets at the bottom is great for sorting and folding your clothes. This would be especially useful for a busy family. If you like, you could include other odds and ends, like a basket with gift wrapping items or sewing essentials.

Rugs or mats – Adding some non-slip rugs or mats, is a quick way to add color. Rugs and mats are also an easy way to keep your space dry in case of accidental spills.