7 Ways to Customize Your IKEA Furniture

IKEA, the popular Swedish brand, being as customizable as it is, can make allowances for further customization. This is regardless of whether you’re an avid DIYer or even prefer buying accessories.

Here are 7 ways to customize your IKEA furniture:

1: Stick a Decal On It

Mykea is a company based in the Netherlands and which makes peel-and-stick decals. These are perfect for IKEA shelves, cabinets and casegoods.

2: Slipcover It

Another Swedish company called Bemz where you can obtain removable and washable slipcovers for IKEA furniture such as sofas, cushions and armchairs too. These 100% prewashed covers also offer collection from Designer’s Guild and Marimekko.

teakfurnituredepot3: Paint It

If you want your IKEA furniture to look better, then it’s time to consider using a lot of primer as a Reader Intelligence report suggests.

4: Upholster It

This isn’t the usual upholstery job that you might be familiar with but actually using fabric to update a shelving unit or a bookcase.

5: Switch table tops and legs

There are a number of options that are sold by IKEA where you can get a number of options for tabletops, legs and counters too.

6: Repurpose It

If you take your IKEA furniture out of context, you will give it new life. One example of this is you can use kitchen cabinets to make a floating storage credenza if you so wish.

7: Tuft It

One couple upgraded their Karlstad Sofa by taking their cushions to a local upholsterer for the purpose of button tufting. It cost only $40 to get this done.