Design Tips For Your Home Office

Summary: If you work from home and want to create a home office, use these tips to ensure that you still separate your work life from your personal life.

As years go by, it seems like there are more and more jobs that allow employees to work remotely. This shift in workspace has encouraged many to build their own home offices, so they can still separate professional and personal life. Not the mention the tax deduction for having a “work-only” portion in your place of residence. Here are some tips to make your home work space comfortable, yet professional.

Organization Is Key

Keeping the area tidy is one of the more important factors, if you want to be efficient in your home office. Treat the area like you would a traditional office. You would not want your coworkers, or bosses, to see your cubicle messy. So, you should not let it happen at home either. This will allow you to keep your head clear and your mind focused on the task at hand, rather than looking for the last document you printed among piles of paper.

Do Not Get Too Cozy

While you want to make your work area as comfortable as you can, since you will be spending hours everyday there, you do not want to make as cozy as other rooms in your home. If it is similar in comfort level to your living room or bedroom, for example, it would be difficult to separate working time and personal time. Get a comfortable desk chair, a nice desk, and call it a day. Keep the couches and lounge chairs in other rooms.

Working from home can be a blessing a curse. While you get the luxury of not commuting, you may find it difficult to separate your personal life and work life, if you are not careful. Design the office in a way that makes you feel like you are not at home.

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