Differences between a patio and a deck in your backyard

Patios and decks have become part of an ideal outdoor lifestyle. There are several differences between a patio and a deck. It is important to understand these differences before you decide upon which one you decide to have in your backyard and then buying your Lane Venture sets.

The patio is like a courtyard of a house or a building. However, a courtyard is usually an open space that is surrounded by walls or other structures. On the other hand, a patio does not have to be surrounded by walls.

Patios can either be attached to a house or detached. They are usually designed and by keeping the landscape in mind. This means that the patios can be built with a variety of materials, such as concrete, pavers, stone, tile, brick, pebbles, rock or pea gravel.

Most patios are set on a concrete slab or a sand and pebble base. Since patios are built at ground level, therefore, they usually do not require any safety railings. It is due to these reasons the patios can take up almost any shape.

Decks, on the other hand, are primarily made of wood or a composite wood material or vinyl. Woods that are commonly used for making the deck include redwood, cedar, and pine. Decks are usually set at different levels. They often require railings.

Once you have fully understood the differences between a patio and a deck, you can decide about which you want to have in your backyard and then look at Wicker Paradise for your furniture.