Everything You Need to Know About a Wicker Lounger

Wicker loungers are making a big comeback. They are modern and sleek looking, even when they were made 50 years ago. They have this timeless look to them, that is both new and old. Most furniture pieces are very geometric in shape, which makes them perfect for almost any space or backyard layout. Coupled with a polyurethane foam mattress and a waterproof cover, you’re guaranteed a relaxing spot to spend your time. Before you buy, learn a bit about the care, maintenance and history of these pieces.


Wicker is made of a type of seagrass. In the old days, this seagrass was basically culled in from ships docking at port. Furniture makers realized its strength, and quickly devised ways to weave it around metal frames to create comfortable furniture. It went by the name “rattan” or “wicker”, the two are basically interchangeable save for some technical differences.

Wicker pieces were quite popular during the Victorian period, and have seen various resurgences since.


Basic creation involves weaving strands of seagrass together. The strands are dried out ahead of time, and the resulting material is quite strong. It can hold a great deal of weight without breaking, and it stands up well to the weather. It is, after all, something that originally came from the sea. Today’s wicker pieces use largely synthetic materials that are no less strong, but a bit more affordable than the natural counterpart. Not to say that real wicker furniture isn’t available, it’s just that most consumers prefer the synthetic stuff.

It’s more common to find real wicker, paired with flexible polyurethane foam, at a hotel or a place of business.

Care and Maintenance

Basic care should be relatively simple. You’ll need little more than a damp rag for most of the cleaning, as it essentially involves wiping dust off the piece. You can hose pieces down as well, especially synthetic pieces, which is useful for getting out spider webs and caked on dirt clods.

Just be sure your frame is made of aluminum before you do so. Aluminum doesn’t rust, but other metals do. If the piece feels fairly light to pick up, odds are good that the frame is made of aluminum.  If you’re unsure, refer back to the instructions that were sent to you from the manufacturer.

With proper care, any pieces you buy should last you well into the future.
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