Foam Replacement for all Soft Furnishings

When you need to begin a search for the best foam replacement you will need to assess what you expect from your cushions. If you are wanting to replace the seat cushions the best foam can be sourced from professional suppliers.

The Difference between Backs and Bottoms

Foam to sit on is different from foam to lean against. Bottoms require support and firm foam that will cope with the constant weight and bounce back easily. Backs are needing a softer more comfortable support. Blocks of foam are more suitable for sofas and couches than loose foam chips as they tend to spread within the cushion cover and provide little or no support.

Staying on Budget

Foam replacement for cushions can be expensive, it is wise to ensure that the sofa has a lifespan that is worthy of cushion replacement. Foam expectancy for cushions is approximately 3 years ensuring that the sofa is still in a condition to last 3 years. If so then this is a cost-effective option to choose. A rule of thumb is the longer the durability of the foam the more expensive it is, so this is something to take into account when considering the budget.

Understanding Sofa design

When deciding what sofa to invest in it is necessary to understand that each design has a unique style that calls for different types of foam. Trendy modern pieces tend to have firm molded foam cushions while more traditional styles will require no foam and be upholstered with down cushions. Foam replacement will depend on knowing what your sofa has under the cover.