Guide to buying furniture


Furniture is an investment, therefore understanding what is best for your needs is a must. To reduce frustration and avoid buyer’s regret follow the tips below;

Measure your space- Firstly, get a good quality measuring tape from any hardware store and measure your space. If you could include a diagram with the measurements either on your computer or as a pencil drawing, you would be able to easily assess your space. Take a picture of your drawing with you, on your way to the store.

Your style – Identify your style, is it traditional, minimal, shabby chic etc. Once you have identified your style, you will have a better understanding of where you should shop. You should also have an idea of the color scheme and fabric you prefer.

The user – Identify who will be using the furniture you intend to buy and for what purpose. This way you would have a good idea of what features you will require.

Research – Get online and have a look at what furniture stores are offering in your area. Browsing online is great, because you don’t have to worry about the added distractions that can stress you when making an in-store purchasing decision. Make a note of the colors, features and discounts being offered. Have a list of furniture that meets your criteria. If you are on a budget, look for second hand furniture, that you can upgrade, either by yourself or for a minimal cost.

Purchase – Armed with knowledge on your space, style, user, you can now visit the furniture stores you have shortlisted. Remember to sit and test any item of furniture before purchase.