How to buy furniture for your home

Buying furniture for your home is an investment that you need to get right. Here are some tips that will help you find the right pieces for your home.

Investments and low-cost pieces – There are four key pieces that you should invest a large portion of your budget; these are a sofa, dining table and chairs, a good bed and mattress. These items are often used and will need to be of good quality to ensure they last.

Couches – You should look at a couch that will last you between 10 -15 years. Therefore, invest in one that has a good frame, springs and cushioning. It is important that you leave your couch in a place that will not receive direct sunlight to avoid fading. For couch maintenance, it is best to vacuum it at least once a week and remove any stains as and when they occur.

Secondhand-upholstered furniture – If you intend to buy a few secondhand pieces, make sure that the wood is a hardwood like oak or maple. Most often you will have to reupholster the furniture to make sure it looks its best and to remove any odors. Therefore factor in this cost when offering your price.

Lighting – You can invest in cheaper lighting like lampshades and wall hanging shades, as these will not be directly used. Look at items from secondhand stores, Ikea or dollar stores for good prices.