How to change the look of your room in under 5 minutes?

Changes in your home décor will greatly depend on your budget. Here are some quick, affordable ways to change your space in five minutes or less.

Get a room dimmer – Lighting plays a big role in making a space look its best. Look at installing a dimmer switch for your main lighting or adding lamps that can be switched on or off depending on the lighting levels in the room.

Carpets – A carpet can instantly make a space look and feel homelier while bringing in a pop of color. Invest in a few carpets that match each season. If you want to make a statement invest in patterned While if you prefer a minimalistic look, go for a single colored rug with texture.

Candles – Candles are an inexpensive way to instantly change the ambiance of a space. Look at centerpieces that use multiple candles or use tea candles that can safely stand in a lantern or a bowl of water.

Rearrange a gallery wall – Photos or artwork can be easily moved around to make spaces look different and to create interest.

Use your mantels – Mantals are easy to change and can be as simple as adding two tall items on either side or in the center.

Switch up your accessories – You can add color and a new theme to a space, by adding trim to furnishings, throw pillows or by adding a vase in your theme’s color.