How to Make a Room Pop with Color

Summary: Adding color can be an easy and effective way to make a room more eye-catching and interesting.


When a room in your house is starting to feel a little stale, your immediate reaction may be to clear the room and start all over. No matter where you are in your own house, be it the family room or the bathroom, you want to aim for comfortability. If a particular room feels out of place or is need of a renovation, it might be time to head to the drawing board and think of how you can restore the room. There are different design techniques that can be used to make a room more visually interesting and more inviting for guests.


Adding color can really liven up a room and the fortunate thing is that you do not need to redecorate the entire room to get the desired effect.




Something as simple as adding some nature to a room can really make a big difference. Adding green plants, real or fake, can instantly help make a room feel fresher. Place them in a neutral-colored vase near neutral-colored furniture from The Foam Factory or other manufacturers for added effect, as it will draw guests’ eyes to the color and enhance the soothing effect of the plants.




Another easy method of adding color to a room is to purchase pillows that complement the couch you already have. The you have will determine which design will work best with it. For example, a couch with patterns on it would work best with solid-colored pillows. Alternatively, colorful pillows with patterns or prints on them could really pop with the help of a couch that is a solid color. Finding this balance between the couch and the pillows will help tie the room together.