Interior Design Tips for Your Tiny Home

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Summary: Thinking about buying a tiny home but don’t know if it’s enough space? Read here for some tips on decorating and utilizing every inch.

As real estate gets more and more expensive, people have been look to downsize their living space – a phenomenon known as “tiny houses.” These houses can be as small as 150 square feet, and can now be found all across the United States. Living more simply is often the goal of those who opt to buy tiny homes, but challenges arise when they go to decorate it. How will they fit all of their belongings? Where will the tables and beds go? Here are some tips on how to make the most of your tiny space.

Customize Storage

Getting shelves and cubicles made to fit your walls will maximize storage areas, while saving floor space. If you do not want to cover an entire wall, try two or three strategically placed shelves. These shelves will be functional and can be colorful or shaped in different ways to decorate the walls.

Think Double Duty

Pieces of furniture that have multiple purposes will surely serve your best interest in your tiny home. Get a sofa that can also be your bed, or a small dining table that can also be your desk. You can even get wooden cubes that act as end-tables when you’re alone, or extra seats when you have guests (if they fit).

The possibilities are endless when you want to maximize the space and decorate your tiny house. From beds and tables that fold into the wall, to one burner stoves in your kitchen, there is always a way to make a small space feel big.

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