The Basics of Construction Mediation

When it comes to construction law cases, mediation can be a critical moment. Construction mediation can be a time for the two sides of the lawsuit to sit down and talk about the case. At mediation, this is done in a face to face meeting that often results in the sides reaching a settlement agreement that works for both of them.

What to expect in mediation

When a case goes to mediation, a skilled and trained professional such as Lyle Charles serves as the mediator. They explain the rules of mediation to both sides so that the session can be productive. Then, the mediator takes turns talking to each side in the case. Each side has a chance to say their peace as they work towards an amicable resolution of the case.

Resolving the case at mediation can be helpful for construction claims management, but unless the parties agree, entering into a settlement agreement is optional. In most cases, the mediator can’t force either side to accept an agreement. This can help the parties relax during the mediation process, because they know they aren’t going to be bullied into something that they don’t think is fair.

Preparing for mediation

A construction consultant can help you prepare for mediation. They can work with you to decide what your case might be worth before mediation begins. They can help you form realistic expectations as you head into the mediation process. This can help you achieve a good result during your mediation session.