The different types of column mailboxes

Article by NYCZ

A column mailbox is one of the most attractive options for recessed mailboxes. The design of the mailbox is such that installation is meant to be in an exterior column. Unlike other mailbox types and designs, a column mailbox requires a decent amount of planning in advance. Stores like California Mailboxes sell several types of column mailboxes, but these are the three most common types:

Front door access

If you ever see a column mailbox anywhere, chances are that you would have seen a front-door access model. They are the most common and the most popular. Often, the choice to go with a front-door access model is because it is either more convenient or necessary to pull out the mail from the same side as the mail is inserted by the postman.

Front and rear door access

Much like the above mailbox there is a front area for inserting the mail. However, unlike the above extraction of mail is done from behind the column. There are several reasons for wanting this option, the first is safety, where you might not feel safe taking out mail in front with your back to the street. The other is design, where the placement of the column or mailbox might make it difficult.


The standalone type of column mailboxes feature both the mailbox and column itself. Like the above you have front door and rear door access. The biggest advantage here is that you don’t need any installation in existing columns or walls.