Three tips for choosing outdoor furniture covers

Written by The Foam Factory

Although the name might suggest otherwise, outdoor furniture needs just as much or more care than indoor furniture. Its outdoor use does not imply that it can stand the elements and so needs protection. The best form of protection is an outdoor furniture cover that will protect the furniture as well as any outdoor furniture cushions in use. Here are a few tips when choosing a cover:


This is not an item to look for a cheaper alternative. The problem with inexpensive covers is that they will not provide the protection that you need. A good cover will need to handle extreme temperatures and extreme weather, sometimes in the same day. Cheaper covers will require regular replacement, adding to the cost. You want protection for everything, down to the foam inserts in the cushions.


The cover should be lightweight and durable. It should be able to handle the full force of nature for years. This includes exposure to harsh UV, rain, snow, the sun etc. Cheaper covers are made of plastic sheeting and/or vinyl, which will last two years at the most.


Look for covers that come with additional features that make them easier to use. Velcro closures allow a proper fit for exact covers. In addition, features like elastic hems, zips, and ties help keep the cover on the furniture during extreme weather.


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