Tips on how to redecorate a bedroom

If your bedroom has been the same style for years and you want to make it a space that is restful and inviting, here are a few tips that will get you started.

Budget – Most of us are on a budget and therefore have limited funds to spend on decorating. It is best to calculate how much you can spend so that you can work backward and adjust your spending accordingly.

Decide on a theme – A theme will give your plan direction. This can be done using the Internet. Start off by selecting a color palate with your main, secondary and accent colors. You will use your color palate to decide on your furnishing, curtaining, and lighting.

Ask yourself if you will like your theme several years from now – It is best to choose a general theme, as it will mean that if your interest change, you will not need to redecorate.

Clean your space – Start off by cleaning your room and getting ride of any clutter. This will give you a clean slate to see how things look.

Consider working with what you already have – Look at how your current furniture can be used to fit your new style. For example, if you own a simple bed, you could change how it looks by simply buying new bed linen or repainting it to a different color.