What is a construction consultant?

Written by Lyle Charles

Construction consultants are hired to help with assessing and advising on structural issues. Most construction consultants will possess many years of experience in the construction field and are familiar with all aspects of construction.

Construction consultants can advise in areas that include administration, which will help the project to stay within budget or handle a specific area of concern. Most construction companies hire construction consultants for project planning purposes to provide the project and its team with a clear plan of action. This planning process will sometimes include cost estimation, which will provide the management with a clear understanding of what their project will cost.

Sometimes construction consulting services will provide forensic work, which commences when a project is complete but when the building has failed in critical areas. These consultants will let the management know where and why the building has failed and what steps can be taken to reduce to further damage.

In other instances, legal firms will recruit construction consultants to advise their attorneys on their cases or to act as an expert witness. Consultants are also hired by government agencies when they intend to build a new structure, or when renovating old buildings. Like for example, renovating a historic district or a private home. Homeowners can also receive advice from construction consultants if they intend to build their dream home or when adding or expanding their current home.


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