Why you should go monochrome

Choice sometimes can leave us confused and not able to make a quick decision, which is why more people are choosing a monochrome color palette to decorate their homes and their wardrobes. Here are some reasons why a monochrome palette works.

Why go for monochrome? – Monochrome color pallets create harmony since the base color is just one single color. The idea of going monochrome means that you use one base color and apply this colour to a range of tones, shades, and tints to create an original space.

But isn’t a lot of colors better? Although colors can influence our mood, sticking to a monochrome color palette will always create a soothing, restful environment, whatever color you choose. A single color palette will also showcase your home’s best features since the colour of your space does not distract the eye.

Where should I start – The best place to start a monochrome theme is in your bedroom or office room, mainly because these spaces will help people relax and reduce stress. However, if you want to start small, redoing your bathroom based on a monochrome palette is also a good idea.

How to rock monochrome in your home – Although monochrome involves a single color, you should mix and match elements of texture and patterns to add interest to your space. Have a clear idea of what your tone is and take a swatch with you when investing in wallpaper, paint, furnishing or furniture.