3 Interior Design Trends for 2015

Interior design trends change with the times. What was considered popular just a couple of years has been phased out. For example, the use of Ombre furniture, mirrored furniture and Chevron Prints were the rage only a year ago. All that has changed now.

Having said that, here are 3 top interior design trends for 2015:

#1: Mixed Metals

One of the hottest trends right now is to mix warm and cold metals such as copper and rose gold with silver. Some designers are not so keen on matching every metal finish in an room as it feels too staged while others are going for more riskier and stylish options such as a mix of silvery, gold and black metals.

#2: Painterly Rugs

It doesn’t matter whether a rug looks like a Monet or Motherwell, the latest trend is to ensure that the one used has to break up the grids of rectangular rooms and furniture with its irregular patterns. One designer points out that these rugs are true art pieces and in particular the ones that are rendered in silk, and which shimmer and change color constantly.

#3: Graphic Tiles

Colorful concrete tiles is also another trend which is now moving from commercial to home spaces. One designer considers this to be a “perfect combination of graphic and interior design. But that’s not all: these ethnic tiles that are rather unusual also give off the perception that you are well-traveled as an individual and which certainly works as an image-booster.