3 Things to Consider When Looking For The Best Green Furniture

It’s wise to make environmentally savvy choices for your home or office. This can make a difference to your health but also on that of the planet as well.

Yet it can be difficult to know where to start given a large number of choices when it comes to a long list of innovative designers.

 teakfurnituredOf course, it’s impossible to list every designer here. But there are ways to look for ideal green furniture. Here are 3 things to consider when looking for the best ‘green’ furniture:

 1: Reclaimed Wood

Wood really lasts for a long long time. Even if the variety that isn’t being used for any purpose. Some of these include old houses, furniture or even logs that have sunk to the bottom of the river during transportation. Scraps from factories also count as reclaimed wood too. Any furniture designed this way is an excellent buy even if the variety is lesser than you can imagine.

2: Bamboo

This is probably the most important material that is used to create environmentally sound products. This is because bamboo is both versatile and fast-growing by nature. You can virtually build an entire house with it. But one must be careful since glue (which contains formaldehyde) is used to put bamboo products together. Moreover, some farmers don’t harvest bamboo in an environmentally sound manner. So, it’s best to look at the company you are buying bamboo furniture from before you put down your money.

3: Recycled Plastic & Metals

Plenty of furniture is being prepared from recyclable material. While some of them start with virgin material, they are designed to be recycled once they grow out of use. These are the first type of furniture that you must consider. One sign that they are recyclable is if the furniture can be taken apart. As for its quality, improvements in technology have ensured that recycled products from both plastic and metal are worth buying.