4 Furniture Shopping mistakes to avoid

teakfurnituredepot july 2016Buying furniture can be complex as it involves a relatively large investment. Furniture shoppers now have an array of choice and prices to choose from. Here are 4 furniture shopping mistakes to avoid.

Price Tags – Furniture stores will try there best to get the highest prices on their items. Firstly shop around to get a clear idea of prices and styles available in the market. You could even do this in the comfort of your own home via the internet.

Costs & Liability – Discuss the price of delivery as in most cases the delivery cost may make the furniture not affordable. To ensure that your item can easily fit through your doorway and your space, buy a measuring tape and measure your space.

Getting the Merchandise Home – Once your credit card has been swiped and the delivery date has been scheduled, you will be anxiously awaiting your purchase. However, some delivery trucks can delay a scheduled delivery and this may mean taking time off work etc. To protect yourself, verify the store’s cancellation policy, if a delivery delay occurs.

Financing – Most interest free financing will provide you with deferred interest. This means that if your couch costed you $4,000 and you have 24 months to pay the bill but unfortunately you paid the entire payment in month 25, you will be charged over $1,000 on interest. The best way to pay for your furniture is to buy the item paying the full payment upfront.