5 Easy ways to add storage space

Although renovating and remolding your space is a good idea to include more storage, it can be a costly one. Here are some tips that will help you add more storage without the pricey price tag.

Kitchen rollouts – Rollouts are pull-out shelves and drawers that help to provide additional storage to pots, pans, kitchen utensils and dried foods. Rollouts offer easy access and can even hold heavy items like mixers and skillets. Homeware stores offer assembles and finished rollouts in plywood or steel.

Second-hand kitchen cabinets for the garage – If you are looking for a storage system for your garage, look no further than your old kitchen cupboards. Simply install your old kitchen cupboards in your garage, and you have ample storage and counter space.

Portable kitchen island – Portable kitchen islands are a great addition to a kitchen workspace, as they provide extra room to prep food and store kitchenware. Simple kitchen islands will cost a fraction of the cost of getting a new area built to your existing kitchen cupboards.

In-the-wall bathroom cabinet – Look for a bathroom spot that has no plumbing or electrical cables running on the wall. Then you will have to make a hole in the wall and slot your cabinet in place. Use a cabinet with trim, which will hide the rough ends of the wall.

Ceiling pan rack – Stacking your cookware overhead will give you more space in your cupboards for other kitchen items. A simple wrought-iron rack will cost you about $40 and can hold about 8 to 10 pans.