5 Furniture Arrangement Tips

teakfurnituredepotPlacing your furniture correctly, will instantly set the tone and help create more space. Here are 5 must know tips on how to arrange spaces.

Use a tape measure – To know if your furniture will fit your space, it is important to measure your space accurately. Start my buying a tape measure and jotting down the measurements on a piece of paper. Then check the sizes of the hallways and doorways leading up to the space. This way your purchase can be easily moved into your space.

Mix furnishings of various sizes – To add height, depth and visual interest, include furniture with different characteristics. For example, for a living room, include an extra large sectional with smaller arm chairs with side tables.

Use scaled pieces to create balance – Your furniture should be matching the size of each other and the size of your space. For example, if you have large furniture in a small space, you may feel uncomfortable.

Symmetry creates balance – When your space is symmetrical, you will tend to feel more balanced and restful. Therefore, avoid pairing two chairs of different heights and designs by the side of each other.

Use an Artist’s Perspective – To create depth, think of your space like art work and look at adding pieces to your walls that will provide balance and more depth. For example, if you have a large couch and an empty wall space at the back, add a painting that would match the furnishings and the size of your wall.