5 ways to improve your home office space

Working from home has become the new normal for many of us. And while there are some definite perks to being able to make your own hours and take breaks whenever you want, working from home can also be a bit of a challenge.

After all, it’s not always easy to stay focused and productive when you’re working in the same space that you live in. If you’re finding it hard to focus at home, consider making some changes to your home office space. Here are 5 ways to do it:

Add some plants: Plants can help improve your focus and concentration by adding a touch of nature to your space. Not only that, but they can also help purify the air and boost your mood.

Get rid of distractions: One of the benefits of working from home is that you can create a space that works for you. So if watching TV or browsing social media is something that distracts you, get rid of those temptations by moving them out of your office altogether.

Let in some light: Natural light has been shown to improve mood and cognitive function, so try to position your desk near a window if possible. If not, make sure to use a light source that simulates natural light as much as possible.

Introduce some color: Adding pops of color to your office can help create a more positive and energizing environment.

Make it comfortable: Last but not least, comfort is key when creating a productive work-from-home space. Invest in a good quality chair and make sure your desk is at the right height for you. If you’re battling with this, experiment with some affordable mattress foam from a provider like The Foam Factory to add a couple inches right where you need them.

Also, if you find yourself working long hours, consider investing in a standing desk or an adjustable desktop converter so that you can mix things up throughout the day. By making a few simple changes to your home office space, you can help improve your focus and productivity levels while working from home.