6 study room design ideas that will give you inspiration

A plain desk and chair can be sufficient for a study, but it will not make for a comfortable, personal space that encourages productivity. Here are six study room designs that will give you inspiration for your next project.

Wood-and-white theme – This theme revolves around showcasing the woods natural design with a theme based on industrial style. Think of a practical space that has simple lines and colors like white, beige, black or gray.

Sunlight – Sunlight is necessary for a study as it awakens the mind and body. Look at blinds that provide sufficient light and blinds where the light can be easily increased or reduced depending on the time of day.

Offer interesting points – You can include a few interesting pieces that you can pick up from a flea market. Look at a 50s style wardrobe, some upholstered chairs or a shabby chic chest of drawers.

Color zoning – Make your study distinguishable from the rest of your home, by painting it a different color. Look at colors like pale blue, yellow or gray.

Use the space you have – If you don’t have a separate room for your study, look at a quiet area in your home that can be used as a study. Look at quiet areas like a balcony, a laundry room or a landing next to a window.

Storage – Some storage is necessary to keep your study neat and tidy. Make your storage part for your design by adding racks and baskets on your study walls. Wall storage is great as it is easy to reach and will require less space.