7 Bedroom essentials for minimalists

Bedroom decorating is often overlooked compared to one’s kitchen and living spaces. However, a well-planned bedroom is essential as it means that you can rest and unwind after a busy day. Here are seven bedroom essentials for minimalists.

Bed frame – The focal point of a bedroom is the bed and its frame. Consider investing in one with clean lines, which uses natural or recycled materials.

Create a cozy corner – A comfortable corner is great to read or to put your feet up after a long day. Invest in a comfortable chair that lets you sink in.

Lighting – Minimalist styling is best for well-lit rooms as it brings out the modern lines and colors in a room. Find some simple lighting fixtures that you love or invest in white lamp shades with a square or rectangular base.

Shelves for storage – Modern spaces need to look neat and tidy at all times. To achieve an orderly area, look at adding shelving and cubes to hide unnecessary items.

Wall décor – Most minimalist prefer white walls so to add color to your space invest in art or photographs that bring out your personality and the mood you want to create.

Plants – Planters in the bedroom add a touch of freshness. Look at plants that grow well indoors and place them in modern planters.

Bed bench – A bed bench is an essential piece in any bedroom as it gives you a place to put on your shoes or to store away pillows and linen that are not used on a daily basis.