A guide to synthetic wicker furniture

Synthetic wicker is a safe alternative for outdoor use since the materials used are durable and weather resistant. Here are a few areas to consider when buying synthetic wicker for outdoor use.

Material – It is best to buy synthetic wicker that is made with Polyethylene. This material also comes in brand names like Ecolene®, Rehau®, and Viro®. These guarantee that the material is eco-friendly and nontoxic.

Long lasting – A good quality synthetic wicker will last more than a decade without cracking or fading. To make your wicker last longer, invest in quality outdoor fabrics that will protect your wicker for longer.

100% aluminum frames – Stay clear from steel frames, as they will rust when exposed to the elements. Instead, opt for 100% aluminum frames as they will last longer and if they do rust, it will be hardly noticeable.

Outdoor furniture design – Look for wicker furniture that has multiple strands, creating a more natural finish. It is also best to invest in natural colors to maintain the look of wicker.

Outdoor furniture pricing – There is a wide range of prices on offer in stores from the very cheap to the very expensive. Look at furniture that offers good quality materials in terms of the wicker and the frame. When you have satisfied these areas, you can then look into the weave and how the furniture’s design suits your tastes and space.