Buyers guide to dining tables

Article by Quick Home Tips

Your dining table should complement your kitchen and your dining style. But finding the right piece can take a bit of research. Here are some tips on finding that perfect dining table.

Contemporary look – Contemporary styles are perfect for a modern home and one that is short on space. Look for materials that are very dark or very pale in wood, metal or a combination of materials. The designs you choose should be slim with sleek lines and sharp angles. You can also consider industrial style dining tables that are sometimes more affordable.

Traditional – For traditional themed dining table look for warm wood shades with chunky legs and minimal detailing. Woods like teak or mahogany look best for this laid back look.

Country cottage-style – County styles rooms will need dining tables that have chunky legs and tabletops. Look for material like reclaimed wood and distressed finishes to add a rustic, seaside look. For dark spaces opt for whitewashed finishes, and for brighter rooms opt for darker woods.

Small spaces – Light colors are best for small spaces as they will stretch the space. Look for circular dining tables that can sit more diners. If you still prefer a rectangular dining table, opt for ones with matching benches. Benches will provide more space and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Co-ordination – It is easier if you buy a dining room set, but if this is not possible look at buying the table and then the chairs. Although pieces don’t have to match, the dining table as a whole should look uninform. You can do this my matching the color, material or the style.