Foam 101: Discovering Materials for Your Next Project

Written by: The Foam Factory

Looking for a quick breakdown of all the different types of foam you can purchase? Here is a list of common foam types, which you can use to determine which foam will be right for your project.

Poly Foam: This is a medium firmness foam that’s best used in cushions that are only used occasionally, like the pillows in the guest room. This foam will last you a year or two.

Super Soft Foam: This is what you want for cushions that get frequent use. A great option for couch foam, and super soft foam works well for sofa backs too. Perfect for surfaces that need to be extra soft, with a lifespan of about five years.

HD36 Foam—Regular: This is medium density foam is also good for regularly-used furniture, or for sofa foam replacements. It has a lifespan of around seven years and is perfect for any sort of sitting cushions.

HD36 Foam—High Quality: This is a medium-density foam that works as sofa foam just like the regular variety, but it will last you up to sixteen years. This foam works well for sitting, sleeping, or anything involving leisure.

Lux Foam—Regular: This is extra firm foam for cushions that see heavy use. It will last around seven years.

Lux Foam—High Quality: This is the extended-lifespan variant of the regular lux foam. It’s dense and it’ll last you around sixteen years.

Dryfast foam: This is a medium-density foam that is perfect for outdoor use since it allows moisture to quickly drain and evaporate. It lasts between five and eight years.