Four reasons to hire a construction claims consultant

Construction projects are now looking at hiring a construction claims consultant to assist with providing direction in the areas of construction claims, changes in contract conditions and design. Here are four reasons why a project will benefit from hiring a construction claims consultant.

Experience in handling claims – Construction claims consultants have experience in handling different disputes and therefore will be able to provide better options when a problem arises. Construction claims consultants will have experience in handling project costs, damages, unpaid change orders and cost escalation,

Technical jargon – Construction projects and documentation are loaded with technical jargon that is written by professionals. Therefore, a construction claims consultant will be able to wade through the jargon to help the team understand the problem.

The right action – The type of action you should take when a claim occurs will depend on the type of claim and the surrounding A professional claim consultant will be able to conduct a detailed analysis to provide the best recommendation that will save the company money, time and resources.

Changing standards – Lyle Charles Consulting is well aware that construction standards change, and therefore believe in training and updating all their claims consultants to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest construction standards. A consultant who is up to date with the latest standards will be able to provide the right suggestions for your specific circumstances.