Furniture Trends 2019

When you want your home’s interior to appear up to date, hip and of the moment, then looking at the latest design trends can give you some fine ideas to get going. Here are some of trends Dev Randhawa is most passionate about from this past year.

Interior design experts have eyed some emerging trends for 2017, and one of them is the shape of your pieces. Round furniture is a cool thing that takes away the heavy edge and angular feel of a room.

That’s right; couches, chairs and ottomans are all going for the softer, rounder shapes that add an airy feeling to your space. In addition, it’s a modern appeal that is anything but traditional.

Black finished metals are another essential for allowing your home’s interior to pop and look fresh in 2017. For example, polished brass and copper have had a nice, long run for several years now, but that stuff is so passe.

Instead, opt for the elegance of black finishes on accent pieces like kitchen lighting.

When it comes to warmth and interest, another fab trend is the use of texture. It’s wonderful to mix various fabrics and materials, says Vogue magazine. Texture is popping up everywhere on walls, light fixtures and brushed metal tables.

Grey is the perfect modern neutral that saw attention in 2016 and remains a key decorating color component in 2017. It’s a comfortable shade to be immersed in, and it matches with just about every color in the universe.

A touch of velvet is also sumptuous and trendy and adds coziness to your space.