Garage Door Maintenance

By Superior Garage Doors

garage2Garage doors require maintenance just as much as any other part of a home. It is not the first place you would think of maintenance but is one of the most important. Badly maintained garage doors will need either major repairs or replacement. A minimum amount of maintenance along with the occasional garage door service atlanta ga, will prevent any larger problems and extend the lifespan of your garage door. Here’s how to maintain your garage door:


Keep your garage door looking and operating at its optimum with regular paint jobs. Paint both the inside and out. In addition fix any blemishes, cracks before you paint.


Avoid Weather related damage by applying sealant. Make sure to pay special attention to the bottom of the door. Any damage will need to be repaired  by garage door repair lawrenceville ga in order to keep the elements from affecting other areas.

Moving Parts

Regularly check the garage for any issues with moving parts. Open and close the door and look for any points of friction, or stuttering. If the garage door does not open and close as usual, find out why. In the longer term it will be much cheaper to replace a small malfunctioning part than to fix a damaged garage door.

Clean it

This is probably the most important maintenance tip. Clean the garage door and the sensors regularly. Clean the garage doors with a cloth and detergent and the sensors with a dry cloth.

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