How Mixing and Matching Furniture Styles Can Bring Out the Best of Your Home

Summary: Be your own interior designer and plan out a style that suits your home the best!

Mixing furniture styles might be a bold feat, but it can pay dividends when done correctly. While some styles might not look ideal when next to one another, say a mid-century modern sofa and a traditional arm chair, there are some ideal situations where you can mix and match appropriately.

Transitional Furniture Can Be the Median

Transitional furniture pieces tend to mix various styles in its own, but when placed next to another style that looks visually appealing, it can really bring out a vibrant design that looks absolutely gorgeous. Now, there are various types of transitional furniture pieces that mesh well with others. One of the more common choices that homeowners like to make is placing a transitional sofa next to a varied style. By accompanying this sofa with a contemporary piece for example, you could be fusing a variety of styles that look aesthetically pleasing.


If you’re unsure on how to proceed with your design, try mixing and matching on pen and paper. What look are you really trying to get out of, for example, your living room? Do you want something exotic like mixing with a specific theme? Or, do you want something more along the lines of your favorite colorway? Be your own interior designer and experiment for yourself. You could potentially come up with a unique design that transcends today’s interior design!

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