How to clean wicker furniture

2Written by Wicker Paradise

The most popular use of wicker furniture is outdoor spaces. While popular in the hotel industry, wicker furniture has seen a lot of recent adoption on patios and other outdoor areas at home. Modern wicker materials are built to withstand the elements but still require regular cleaning and maintenance. Here are some tips to keeping your outdoor wicker furniture looking good all year, over the years.

Clean the dust and loose debris from the furniture using a soft brushed vacuum. Work along the grain to prevent any fraying of the weaves.

Using something like an old toothbrush, remove any dirt stuck in between the weaves.

Remove build up from the arms and heavy use areas with a cloth dampened with some soap and water. Use a damp cloth and clean out any soap.

Some wicker have wooden components, those elements will also require regular cleaning and polishing. You can also separately varnish and treat those elements alone.

Extreme dry heat and low humidity can damage your wicker by making it much more brittle. Avoid any area that exhibits that sort of temperature and humidity.

Avoid placing them in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Non paper-fiber based outdoor wicker can be washed down with a soft spray hose.

These simple and easy to implement steps will keep your furniture in good condition for years.


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