Important terms to know about Cushion foam

Written by The Foam Factory

Choosing the best foam for the application will have a significant impact on the comfort and performance of your cushions. The various types of foam on the market have been created with different applications in mind. Outdoor foam, for example, will drain water and prevent mildew differently to another type. To better understand the very basics of foam, here is a list of important terminology:


This is the most important property to consider when buying foam. It is measured as weight and goes as pounds per cubic foot. The higher the grade of foam, the higher the density. Regardless of the grade, some levels of density are more suitable for others.


IFD stands for Indentation Force Deflection and is a measure of the foams softness. This is a measured test in which a 50-inch plate is pressed onto the foam. The amount deflection is then read on a scale. The IFD is basically a reading of how much weight it takes for the foam to compress. An example reading would be 40 IFD at 25%. This would mean that it takes 40 lbs of weight to compress the tested foam by 25%.


High Resilience is the ability for the foam to regain its original shape. This type of foam is typically used in cushions and seats. Take a look under your outdoor furniture cushions and you will most likely find HR foam.


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