The 4 different types of mattresses

Written by Foam Factory, Inc

With many people getting less and less sleep every day, people are often on the lookout to invest in good mattresses that will ensure good quality sleep. Here are four types of mattresses that provide good quick, high-quality sleep.

Memory Foam – NASA initially produced memory foam as seat cushioning for cash protection. However, many commercial products have now been made using this material. A memory foam bed will contour to your body and disperse your weight evenly. Therefore, these mattresses are ideal for those who suffer from achy joints, morning pains, and restless sleepers.

Innerspring Mattress – These mattresses use steel coil support systems, such as springs connected into a single unit or individually wrapped pocketed coils. These mattresses come in a variety of padding thicknesses for comfort and durability. These mattresses are known to last as well as provide a more comfortable sleep experience.

Hybrid Mattress – These types of mattresses use two or more types of support systems and therefore provide the benefits of more than one mattress variety. They are also known to reduce the disadvantages of using only one mattress type.

Foam Mattress –Different weights and densities are used to construct these mattresses. The most common types of foam mattresses are polyurethane foam mattresses and latex rubber foam mattresses. These mattresses are very cost effective compared to more advanced mattresses.


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