The Advantages of Switching Your Mattress to Natural Latex

When you’re ordering a latex mattress from Canada, you basically have two options: natural or synthetic. Natural typically costs a bit more than the synthetic alternative, and to the untrained eye there isn’t much of a difference between the two. Why switch?

A natural latex mattress is made from rubber that typically comes from the sap of rubber trees. Natural means that its source comes from nature. That’s different from organic latex, which is also an option as you shop.

So what’s the key difference?

For starters, a memory foam mattress needs to be treated with chemicals to make it flame resistant. A natural latex mattress or topper doesn’t have that problem. It’s naturally resistant to flames, and also anti-microbial. The latter property makes it impossible for microbes to grow in your bed, which helps prevent all sorts of harmful respiratory conditions.

When we sleep, we sweat and we shed dead skin and hair. All of that microscopic muck stays on our sheets and our pillows, and so our mattresses are treated with chemicals designed to lessen the impact of all that bacterial build up. That’s why it’s a good idea to wash your sheets frequently.

Natural and organic latex already harness that anti-microbial potential without the additional chemicals. Mostly, these chemicals complicate existing respiratory problems and make it hard to fall into a deep sleep.

Natural and synthetic latex both offer comfort, but many consumers are finding that layered mattresses are an excellent choice for a comfortable night of sleep. Layering synthetic and natural latex also reduces the amount of chemicals used overall at a price that’s affordable to the average consumer. Organic is a nice idea, but it’s often priced just out reach for most people on a sensible budget.

Why switch?

Most people consider switching when they need to replace their mattress, or if they start noticing that they can’t get a full night of sleep. If you’re having trouble breathing, or you’re struggling to get the proper support you need, then you might want to consider switching to a natural latex mattress, or mattress topper.

Natural latex is also very durable, especially when compared to synthetic mattresses. If you’re a college student with a queen that you plan to carry for several years, then you’ll want natural latex instead of synthetic just because it will last you more moves. It might cost you more to replace your cheaper synthetic mattress, than to pay for a nicer natural or organic one.

Foam Factory, Inc. makes and ships a natural latex mattress topper from its plant in Southeast Michigan.