The benefits of packaging foam

It is estimated that every day, over 15 million packages are shipped in the United States alone. This means over 5 billion packages each year. From clothing to food products to paper products or building supplies and more fragile items such as laptops, appliances, and other electricals items, the shipping industry is a crazy one. With all that movement of product from place to place, it makes you wonder as to whether or not an item, especially one that requires special handling, will arrive safely.

If you’ve ever had to ship out a laptop or other electronic item, you have likely stressed yourself worrying about whether or not your item will arrive safely. When shipping laptops, speakers, and other items, using packaging foam can greatly reduce the risk of something happening to your product. Packaging foam is lightweight, highly durable, non-abrasive, and provides vital cushioning capability to reduce if not altogether eliminate damage from shipping.

These foam packaging products come in a wide array of materials, with certain materials better for certain use cases than others. With selections of charcoal foam, egg crate foam, Polyethylene, poly foam, and custom-options that can be cut and sized to a very specific need, the shipping industry is better able to provide an excellent shipping experience that can reassure packers and shippers that the product will be well-protected.

High-quality packaging foam is perfect for shipping electronics and is a great material to use for those selling products online on sites such as Ebay and Amazon. Packaging foam will easily protect your products by acting as a cushion from the typical movement that takes place during the shipping process. For additional information about packaging foam options, contact Foam Factory.