Three common garage door repairs

2Regardless of how good or how well your garage door was installed, it will eventually need repairs. It might take one, five or even seven years but eventually, due to wear and tear it will need some form of repairs. While you are not expected to do these repairs yourself, being able to diagnose them will mean you can call garage door repair in atlanta early and prevent any larger problems from coming up. Here are three of the most common issues:


Safety sensors on the door prevents the door from closing when an object is detected under the door. Sometimes these sensors can go out of alignment or due to some obstruction next to the sensor. When this happens, you will not be able to close the door unless you do so manually. Alignment can be fixed yourself though it is better to call in trained repair personnel to take care of it.


Another element that fails on garage doors are the springs. After years and thousands of open and closes the springs can give way and snap. Test this yourself by opening and closing the door manually to check balance. Any sound similar to screeching can mean problematic springs.


A broken garage door cable is one of the repairs for which you will need to call garage door installation atlanta as quickly as possible. The cable prevents the door from coming down if the springs break and can cause serious harm or damage should both fail.