Why You Should Not Use Indoor Furniture Cushions Outdoors

If you have some eye-catching furniture you think would look great in your backyard or patio, you may want to think twice before automatically transplanting it into your outdoor living area. While indoor furniture may be designed to look good and feel comfortable, it is designed for use in the open. Indoor furniture is made from materials that are not configured to withstand the unique challenges of the outdoors. In the presence of rain, intense sunlight, moisture, and mildew, indoor furniture’s appearance and structure are often damaged and ruined. For this reason, it is important to furnish your outdoor living spaces with specially-designed outdoor furniture and outdoor furniture cushions that can withstand anything nature throws at them.

Outdoor furniture is usually made from materials such as synthetic resin, which are more resilient to moisture and UV rays than typical furniture materials such as wood, fabric, and leather. Furniture cushions made for use with outdoor furniture are also made to resist adverse weather conditions. For example, Dryfast foam cushions from The Foam Factory are made from an antimicrobial type of foam that resists the growth of bothersome microorganisms like mold and mildew. Furthermore, Dryfast foam has a porous structure that allows it to dry quickly even after being completely soaked. This ensures the cushions are not damaged by moisture or rainfall, which usually creates moist surfaces that are a breeding ground for fungi like mold and mildew.

Without these qualities, furniture pieces and furniture cushions will succumb to the pressures associated with being used on your backyard or patio. You’ll need to store them away whenever the weather forecast is unfavorable or when they are not in use. If your furniture or cushions develop growths of mold and mildew, you may also experience unpleasant allergic reactions if you are allergic to these kinds of fungi. If you’re not interested in high-maintenance furniture and cushions, it is best to buy cushions that manufacturers have designed for the outdoors. Visit The Foam Factory and other furniture and cushion retailers to find the best outdoor furniture and cushions for your home.